We Are Authorized Dealer of Longhorn Steel Structures

We are thrilled to announce that Bearded Bryan’s Buildings has formed a powerful new partnership with Longhorn Steel Structures, expanding our offerings and enhancing our commitment to excellence in the construction industry. With this collaboration, we aim to deliver superior quality, unmatched customization, and great value to our beloved customers.


Why we partner with Longhorn Steel Structures?

Longhorn Steel Structures is renowned for their high-quality, custom-built barns and garages. They are masters in their craft, fabricating every component in-house to ensure precision and quality. Every project they undertake comes with engineer certification, validating their dedication to robust, long-lasting buildings.

  • A standout feature of Longhorn Steel Structures is their use of top-quality 40-year metal as a standard on all of their buildings. This commitment to quality ensures that each building withstands the test of time, protecting your investment for decades to come.
  • In addition to their exceptional products, Lonhorn Steel Structures  also offers a swift turnaround time with their fast lead times. This guarantees that your project will proceed smoothly, swiftly, and efficiently, reducing downtime and allowing you to enjoy your new building sooner.
  • Are you concerned about financing? We have got you covered! We offer convenient financing options, allowing you to achieve your building goals without breaking the bank.

Take A Look At Our Carports Below

At Bearded Bryan’s Buildings, we’re committed to providing exceptional quality and value, and our partnership with Longhorn Steel is just another step towards delivering on this promise. We look forward to crafting your dream buildings with even more expertise and options at our disposal!

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